Sofia Holding Oy, registration number: 3195332-2, Meripoiju 1 B 15, 02320 Espoo (hereinafter is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers.

To this end, we have established a privacy statement policy regarding the receipt, use, publication, transfer and storage of customers’ personal information. transfers the personal data necessary for making payments to the authorized processor “”.
Our operations on the Internet are carried out in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Finland and the relevant legislation of the European Union. Please take a few minutes to review our privacy policy.


How we use your information

• We process your account information. Account information may include your name and email address, your phone number and other information you provided during registration, as well as your purchase history. This information comes directly from you. We process your account information in order to work on the Site, provide our services, and ensure the security of the Site and Services by contacting you. The legal basis for such processing is the conclusion of a mutual agreement and / or agreement at your request and our legitimate interest in monitoring and improving our website and services.

• We process information related to the provision of our services on our website. Transaction information can include your contact information, bank account information, and transaction information. Transaction data is processed to deliver goods and services and to keep proper records of these transactions. The legal basis for this processing is the conclusion of a reciprocal agreement and / or agreement at your request, as well as our legitimate interest in the proper management of our website and trading.

• We may process the information you submit to subscribe to our email and newsletter. The information in the newsletter is processed so that we can send you important messages and news. The legal basis for this processing is your consent. Similarly, if we have sold you products or services on our site and you do not object to it, we may process your message information to the best of our legitimate interests, namely to maintain and improve customer relationships.

• We may process information in connection with any notification you send us. Match information can include the content of the message and the metadata generated by the message. If communication is initiated using the contact forms on our website, the website will generate correspondence-related metadata. Correspondence is processed so that you can be contacted and tracked by your records. The legal basis for such processing is our legitimate interest in the proper administration of our website and business, the provision of consistent and high quality consulting practices, and the resolution of disputes between you and our employees.

• We may process your personal information as described in this notice if it is necessary to satisfy or defend legal claims, whether incurred in the course of legal, administrative or other out-of-court proceedings. The legal basis for such processing is our legitimate interest in protecting and defending our legal rights, your legal rights, and the legal rights of others.

• In addition to the specific purposes for which we have the right to process your personal data, as mentioned above, we also have the right to process your personal data, even if such processing is necessary to comply with our legal obligations.


Legal basis for the processing of personal data processes the Customer’s personal data on the following legal grounds:

• concluding and executing the agreement – concluding the agreement at the Customer’s request and ensuring its implementation;

• compliance with regulations – to fulfill obligations under mandatory external regulations;

• With the consent of the customer – the data subject;

• legitimate interests – in order to realize the legitimate interests of arising from the obligations between and the Customer or the agreement or law entered into.


The legitimate benefits of are:


• to do business;

• verify the Customer’s identity before concluding the contract;

• ensure compliance with contractual obligations;

• record the Customer’s orders for goods and services and related notes (eg oral or written);

• analyze the operation of the website;

• manage customer accounts;

• Promote your products and services through commercial communications.

• submit progress reports on order and purchase agreements;

• prevent fraud;

• Manage purchases



Purposes of the processing of personal data processes personal data for the following purposes:

– customer identification;

– preparation and conclusion of the contract;

– supply of goods and services (to fulfill contractual obligations);

– advertising and distribution of goods for commercial purposes;

– customer service;

– handling and handling of objections;

– settlement management;

– improve site performance.


Processing of personal data processes Customer Data using the possibilities of modern technology, taking into account existing data protection risks and available organizational, financial and technical resources


In order to ensure the quality and appropriateness of fulfilling the obligations under the Agreement with the Customer, may authorize its partners to perform certain activities related to the delivery of goods or services, such as delivery of goods, leasing services, sending commercial messages, etc. personal data and are’s data processors (processors), and has the right to transfer to the partners the Customer’s personal data necessary for the performance of these functions. fill.



Personal information will be kept until:

• as long as the agreement with the Customer is valid;

• as long as or the Customer can pursue their legitimate interests as required by external regulations;

• as long as there is a legal obligation to retain the data;

• as long as the Customer’s consent to the processing of personal data is valid, unless there are other legal grounds for the processing.



Access to personal information and other customer rights


The customer has the right to obtain the information specified in the regulations on the processing of his data and to withdraw consent to receive commercial communications.

The customer has the right to demand the termination of the processing of his personal data, to request information about the purpose for which his personal data is used, and to request the transfer of his personal data in a widely used form to himself or a third party. In order to avoid misuse of information and customers’ rights, the application may only be submitted in a form in which the applicant is identifiable (the application must be digitally signed or submitted in person at We have 30 days to respond to such requests.

A request to terminate the processing of data will be treated as termination of the contract with the regular customer.



Customer consent to data processing and right of withdrawal


The customer can consent to the processing of his or her personal data based on the consent (eg receipt of commercial communications, etc.) on the website



Website visits and cookie handling


 The website uses cookies.

Links to websites may be placed on third-party websites with their own terms of use and protection of personal data, for which is not responsible.



Other terms and conditions

We assume that you have read and accepted our privacy policy before using our website or fulfilling your frequent flyer request. We reserve the right to make changes to the general terms and conditions of this privacy statement by notifying all of our loyal customers. However, we do our best to keep our privacy policy up to date and available to you on our website.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy or data processing, or if you wish to opt out of receiving commercial messages or have your information removed completely from your profile, please contact

You have the right at any time to apply to a Data Protection Officer or a court to protect your information. The Data Protection Inspectorate is a public authority that you can also contact regarding matters relating to the protection of personal data.